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SvirskiWebs  - Listing DetailsMonday 18 December 2017  
Your Freedom to Conduct Online Elections Polls & Surveys
Your Freedom to Conduct Online Elections Polls & Surveys
The word 'ballot' is used for an election process to choose your representatives. A ballot is a device used to record decisions made by voters. The voter casts his ballot in a box at a polling station. Open ballot box is a single online platform for conducting and managing elections, polls, surveys across the globe. You can vote anywhere anytime, no queues, no travel to cast your vote at polling booth. Register on www.openballotbox.com using the sign up option available. Go Green Save Earth.
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Guest:2012-06-18 11:16:22
You can also create opinion poll for free and share it on social media do visit http://openballotbox.com

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