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OutdoorFLOW - Adventure Sports Community
OutdoorFLOW - Adventure Sports Community
Adventure Sports Community - articles, forums and Wiki for any outdoor sport or activity. Join, create and share your experiences with others.
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Guest:2012-02-07 13:39:01
While I don't disagree about tags being used for different purposes I do disagree with your assessment on what the purpose of a tag cloud is. I have always thought of a tag cloud as a way of seeing that the hot topic is in a web community. As long as that community isn't specialized to the point of having one topic being used in every post and hopefully many people contributing then the tag cloud can be a very useful way to navigate what is important to the community.A tag cloud on a blog with a single author or with a highly specific purpose and then using that as a tag can definitely defeat the purpose of the tag cloud.I do like your idea of providing a limited set of categories and allowing people to choose a finite set of them and I have also come to accept the idea of not allowing spaces.

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