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SvirskiWebs  - Listing DetailsMonday 18 December 2017  
Ebooks - Download Search & Buy Free Ebooks & Software
Ebooks - Download Search & Buy Free Ebooks & Software
Directory of eBooks and Software covering a huge range of topics from marketing to sales, article writing to affiliate promotion and a lot more. A directory through which definately the viewer can be able to learn or to get some information and can be educated.
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Guest:2012-02-07 13:42:18
David I agree it is a social problem but we need something. I just don't know what that something is anymore. While I do not feel 100% qualified to implement the solution from what I have seen I think I am doing a decent job (at least I hope I am). I don't mind working out of my comfort zone; I just wish I had more help. Someone with UI and design experience would be of great help. Brantley Harris did the new design for the website and it looks fantastic! The problem is he has been extremely busy and not had much time to devote to it. I used the django admin CSS for much of the interfaces (because it is what I had previously) and now the two designs are colliding in bad ways. Brantly just did a one page static mockup which I templatized. I am doing many things wrong with running an open source project when it comes to getting volunteers but that is a different post. That combined with the fact that conference software is just NOT sexy means not that much interest in working on it. The code is very complicated which appears to be a barrier for some people. PyCon-Tech is now actually 9 full featured django applications which can be used separately or integrated together with 3 more big ones coming. That can be daunting.

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